Wooden Nutcracker / Christmas Nutcrackers

Wooden Nutcracker / Christmas Nutcrackers handmade in Germany

Wooden Nutcracker / Christmas Nutcrackers are more or less essentials for a classical decoraion. Above all, Christmas Nutcrackers are figures made of wood, which crack the nuts in their "mouth" by means of lever technology. These figures are set up during the Christmas season as decoration. The first production of the Christmas Nutcrackers was dated in 1650 in Berchtesgaden and in 1735 in Sonneberg.

Wooden Christmas Nutcrackers have a long tradition in Germany

In the Erzgebirge the production of the wooden nutcracker figures spread in the second half of the 19th century with the center in Seiffen. The often grim appearance of the traditional nutcracker faces resembles the authorities of that time (forester, gendarme, king, hussar etc.). An approx. 35 cm large Christmas nutcracker of this type is produced in about 130 work steps and can consist of up to 60 individual parts. It is mainly made of spruce or beech wood, and for decoration materials such as fur, bristles, leather, cloth, strings and bright colors are used.

Of course, the brightly painted figures also appealed to children; they were sold at Christmas markets and were also considered children's toys in the 19th century. But the functional nutcracker was also discovered by designers, for example in the Art Nouveau phase.

Deutsche Welle has written a nice article about nutcracker - you can find it here.

Christmas Nutcrackers are the perfect gift for Christmas

Discover our classical and funny authentic German Nutcrackers from the Ore Mountains (Erzgebirge). In addition to the classical motives, we provide a wide range of professions which makes a nutcracker to an exclusive and individual gift. They are a nice combination to our incense smoker. Often we provide Christmas nutcracer and incese smoker in an integrated range. So you have figurines which fits the same occaision or profession.  Our handmade products are sent directly from the most renowned craftsmen of the region within 5 days directly to you. An exclusive christmas gift for yourself or your loved ones.

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