German Christmas Pyramids

German Christmas Pyramids - Traditional German Craftmenship

We offer a wide selection of German Christmas pyramids from the Erzgebirge. With our two manufacturers Müller and Richard Glässer we offer the most beautiful and exclusive handmade Christmas pyramids from Germany. This allows us to offer our customers a wide variety of small and large candle-powered and electric pyramids. Due to the tea light and the rotating fans, Christmas pyramids create a fascinating and cosy Christmas atmosphere. Our electric pyramids are motorised. The built-in electric motors are almost noiseless.

  • Christmas Pyramids are light frames, which are used as Christmas decoration.
  • Production and use of Christmas pyramids are a part of folk art and customs in the Erzgebirge.
  • The carousel-like frames are made with both Christian motifs (such as angels and the birth of Jesus) and secular motifs (such as miners and forest motifs).
  • They are traditionally driven by the rising heat from the candles. As a result it is set in motion by an impeller and the plate connected to it by a rod.

History of German Christmas Pyramids:

Christmas pyramids or Advent pyramids have become a symbol of Christmas, especially in the Ore Mountains. The light frames known in Germany in the 18th century were the origin of today's pyramids. They mainly consist of four poles entwined with green branches, tied together at the top and decorated with lights.

In many village churches there used to be lattice scaffolds for Christmas mass. These tapered upwards and were covered with burning candles and glittering objects. Decorating these pyramids and lighting the candles was therefore one of the main tasks of the candlestick-making companies founded at that time. Until the middle of the 19th century, the Berlin Christmas pyramid Perjamide was still the centrepiece of Christmas decorations in Berlin.

At that time, artisans decorated these mostly simple pyramid-shaped wire and wooden frames entwined with fir greenery. Christmas pyramids were light bearers and were sold at Christmas markets or made by the craftsmen themselves.

At many German Christmas markets, meter-high Christmas pyramids are the highlight of the athmosphere. TheWashington Post wrote a nice article about that, which you can find here.

We only offer the most exclusive pyramids in highest quality. You get a piece of german craftmenship for a lifetime. 

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