Incense Smoker / Christmas Smokermen

Incense Smoker / Christmas Smokermen - Handmade German Christmas Figurines

We offer a variation of classic and modern Incense Smokers / Christmas Smokermen which are traditional handmade figurines for christmas in Germany. Above all, this gives our customers the opportunity to buy a wide range of gifts for many professions or for their own decoration.

With our manufacturers Müller Kleinkunst and Richard Glaesser, we have committed ourselves to only two producers. We can therefore guarantee that our customers really only receive the best handmade quality from Germany. However, this also means that our quantities are limited and unfortunately our products are often out of stock due to high demand. 

Production and Characteristic of Incense Smoker / Christmas Smokermen

Incense Smoker were mentioned for the first time around 1830. Their production and their use are today a strong component of the people art and the customs of the Christmas season in the Ore Mountains.

Incense Smoker / Wooden Smoker Man are turned from domestic hardwoods such as birch, beech, linden, alder and maple, and coniferous wood such as spruce is also used. First, a prototype is made. This is prepared by producing "gauges" that can be used to compare whether the dimensions of the workpiece in question match the prototype. The individual parts of the smoking man can now be turned, milled and sawn to size. The small parts are produced using automatic lathes. Afterwards the drum painting takes place. Finally, the individual parts are glued together and details such as the face and ornaments are painted by hand. The New York Times wrote a nice article about Incense Smoker from Seiffen which you can find here.

Christmas Smokermen often relate to professions and are suitable as a Christmas gift

There are incense smoker in the most different remarks, which have mostly occupations of the region to the topic. For example traditional foresters, miners or soldiers. They are amended by more modern figures like Santa Claus, Bavarians on Octoberfest or Snowmen. Beside standing figures there are edge stools, which are set on table or furniture edges.

Discover our beautiful and cute authentic German Incense Smokers in typical motives from the Erzgebirge. Our handmade Wooden Smoker Men are sent directly from the most renowned craftsmen of the region within 5 days directly to you. An exclusive christmas present for yourself or your loved ones.


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