Traditional Music Box / Electronic Music Boxes

Traditional Music Box / Electronic Music Boxes - Traditional German Christmas decoration

A Traditional Music Box represents the most traditional decoration article for the holiday season, certainly most important for christmas. Our Traditional Music Box / Electronic Music Boxes from the Erzgebirge bear witness to a long tradition of craftsmanship that has continued almost unchanged to this day. Traditional music boxes have developed from former children's toys into sought-after collector's items. So they are considered to be extremely high-quality and intricate masterpieces of craftsmanship. They stand for German tradition and are usually heirlooms. In Conclusion, traditional music boxes are passed down from generation to generation.

Traditional Music Box / Electronic Music Boxes are German Craftmenship

It requires a great deal of experience, intuition, manual dexterity and technical understanding to make a music box. Therefore the manufactories in the Erzgebirge have been famous for centuries for this very special art of building detailed and precisely functioning miniature worlds in the form of music boxes. In addition, the containers for the coils or plates that then produce the music are made by hand, as are the figures. As a rule, a distinction is made between 18- and 24-tone musical boxes. 
Some of the music boxes are nowadays equipped with modern technology and are connected to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. Therefore, this allows you to play your own individual playlists.  In addition to that, the motifs of music boxes usually refer to all seasons. We offer electronic music boxes where flexible motif plates can be easily exchanged depending on the season or occasion - the base remains the same. For traditional music boxes with mechanical movements, we focus on Christmas decorations and classic Christmas melodies.

Traditional Music Box / Electronic Music Boxes are collectors' items for the next generations

Meanwile our manufacturer are famous for their music boxes. Therefore we get sometimes requests form customers if it is possible to reproduce old pieces. Sometimes this is possible.
Discover our beautiful Christmas music boxes with typical motifs from the Erzgebirge. Our handmade products are sent directly to you within 5 days from the most renowned artisans in the region. An exclusive Christmas gift for yourself or your loved ones.



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