How to use a Christmas pyramid with candles

Safety notice

Never leave the room with the candles burning!

Place the Christmas pyramid on a solid surface.

Make sure that there is nothing flammable in the vicinity. Place the Christmas pyramid at a large distance from the Christmas tree, curtains or other flammable materials.

Make sure that the Christmas pyramid is not exposed to draughts. The candles must not flicker.

Make sure that the Christmas pyramid and the fan can rotate and do not block when the candles are burning. The fan can catch fire if it does not rotate.

Please keep children away from the Christmas pyramid.

Assembly of the Pyramid

During assembly of the pyramid, firmly set the blades of the pyramid at a regular angle of approximately 45° into the hub of the blade wheel and place the complete blade wheel on top of the axle of the pyramid (changing the angle of the blades corrects the operation speed of the pyramid if it is used with wax candles).

When you have a pyramid to be used with wax candles insert now the six enclosed candle holders into the slots made for them in the floor of the lowest tier (also in the floor of the third tier on pyramids with four tiers). Remove the foam meant to stabilize the pyramid during transport. Place the pyramid axle in the middle of the ceramic holder


Driving the pyramid by means of wax candles requires to occasionally clean the ceramic holder. A drop of oil may be helpful to achieve smooth running. Only use exclusively pyramid or tree candles with a maximum height of 7 cm (approx. 2 1/2").

Make sure you operate your pyramid in dry rooms only, outside the packing.

Note: Exposure to sunlight may cause the high quality woods we have utilized to discolor, which is not a defect in our products but rather is evidence of the natural and living nature of the raw materials we use. Therefore carefully store each item in the original carton in which it came and place the carton where it will maintain consistent room temperature and humidity.

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