How to use an Incense Smoker

Incense Smokers from the Erzgebirge are handmade unique pieces, which are not quite easy in your handling. This is especially due to the material wood, which changes over time. With the manufacturers we have put together a few tips that will certainly help you if you have questions about handling.
1. The burning incense sucks up oxygen trough a little air-hole in the burners base.

2. The air keeps the incense cone burning as smoke rises ourt of the butrners mouth (or chimney)

3. Sometimes, if the air-hole is blocked by other decorations or is hard up against a wall, this can affect how much air can be sucked in and your incense may stop burning.

4. Always ensure that your incense burner is in a relatively clear spot before use.

5. Clean the inside of the Incense Smoker after each use.

Normally, a medium size incense cone should burn for 10-12 minutes. This is the perfect amount to both see the theatre of the smoke rising from your burner and to get the right amount of scent into your room.
1. Incense needs to smoke before replacing the top of your burner

It is important to make sure that your incense is smoking well before you replace the top of your burner. If you replace the lid too soon, then the incense may not have enough force to keep burning.

Optimal is waiting 10-15 seconds after lighting before you replace the lid. If you see a soft glow and a constant stream of smoke, you are good to go.

2. Older Incense

- Older incense candles are likely to burn harder due to moisture.

- Usually incense candles are somewhat soaked after 2 years of storage, so that a new purchase is worthwhile When you buy incense, we recommend keeping it in an airtight container to ensure it is preserved for as long as possible. We recommend incense candles from Knox.

3. Not enough airflow

The smoking manikin works only when it can suck in air and pull out the smoke through the chimney. It is important that all openings are free of decoration.

4. Incense Smoker is new and the incesnse goes out

- When you buy a Incense Smoker from us, it is directly from the manufacturer.

- Please note that wood is a material that works and changes.

- If the chimney effect in the smoker does not work yet, please be patient and try it 5-6 times.

- It is important that the interior of the smoker is sealed and the smoke creates a patina.

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