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"Our family-run company was founded by my great-grandfather Edmund Oswald Müller in 1899. In 120 years since then, many changes came up, but one thing has remained unchanged: We still make original Erzgebirge wooden folklore articles of the highest standard. Beginning in our very first days, innovation has always marked our products. Then, they included toys, match-box size miniatures, complete sets of furniture for dollhouses
in contemporary styles, miniature cars, decorative boxes, wooden candlesticks, trays and other articles. Edmund Oswald Müller died prematurely in 1943 so my grandfather Paul took over. He followed in his father’s footsteps. Painstakingly made unvarnished products of carefully selected woods established our
company’s international reputation. Towards the end of the 1950s, elements of Erzgebirge folklore such as pyramids began to enrich our range of articles. Between 1973 and 2000, my father Gunter Müller continued this way, adding innovative designs to the traditional styles. It is now up to me to represent the fourth generation. I’ve been in charge of our company since 2001. My masterpiece is SEIFFENER DORF (Village of Seiffen). It is the very first large and completely illuminated candle arch the world has ever seen. It stands for how much delight we take in innovation. Our latest novelties are based
on co-operation with a number of Germans of international fame such as ski-jumping legend Jens Weißflog or composer Rolf Zuckowski (well-known for his nursery rhymes). In 2009, we came out with our Musical Edition: Working together with trumpeter-star Ludwig Güttler and with the Technical University of Chemnitz, we introduced a music box equipped with the latest audio technology. Customers may now enjoy high-quality music sounding from
an article of traditional craft. As the pieces of figurine decoration spinning on top of the box can be exchanged, customers may adapt it to a large variety of occasions. This box has been an overwhelming success. By now, we’ve again
improved the electronic equipment which is currently designed to save 25 hours of music. Operation is easy: You apply your choice of figurine decoration and the box will automatically determine which music you’d like it to play. Whatever you prefer, all our music boxes, our true-to-character figurines, pyramids or candle
arches are carefully made for your delight."

Sincerely Ringo Muller


The products available from us are all handmade and stand for German craftsmanship. The ambition for handicraft perfection requires very complex production processes. The following two videos give you an impression about the production process of handmade german christmas decoration at our two supplier. Besides the fact that our products are extraordinary traditional and typical German products, the accuracy in manufacturing stands for strong durability. If you handle the products with care, you can enjoy them a lifetime. In this small video about the production of nutcrackers at the company Richard Glässer shows how much love and effort is invested in the production. In this small video about the production of nutcrackers at the company Richard Glässer shows how much love and effort is invested in the production.
The company Müller Kleinkunst is famous for its magnificent pyramids and candle arches. Characteristic for the products of Müller Kleinkunst is the variety of exotic woods. World famous is their ability to lathe. How the head of the company turns a tree by hand, you can see in this video.

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