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In 1932, Mr. Richard Glaesser decided to become an independent distributor in Seiffen. His early assortment consisted of semi-luxury items such as coffee, tea, cocoa, tobacco and alcohol and then in 1934, wooden figures made in Seiffen were added. At the end of the 1940s, the company added items from its own production and quickly found its own identity. In the first years after World War II, items such as chests, quill boxes, and buttons were very popular. Thereafter traditional Christmas decorations from Seiffen gained in importance.

Mr. Glaesser paid particular attention that his figures have a friendly appearance, be of the highest quality but remain affordable. Naturally, everything was based on typical Seiffen wood-turned figures. Figures from the Christmas story, fairy tales, as well as miners and angels from our mining traditions were used on Christmas pyramids and candle holders.

The Glaesser company developed into the most significant of pyramid producers. The blue pyramids with gates of heaven, the advent houses, or the six- or eight sided terraced pyramids are world famous. The Glaesser company expanded its line of Seiffen Christmas decorations by adding music boxes. The natural wood music box with the nativity scene and the two palms is among the oldest and most appealing. The music box is outfitted with a large Swiss musical movement that allows the figure-laden platform to turn to the melody of Silent Night.

Endearing and expressive turned-wood figures have made the Erzgebirge workshop Richard Glaesser GmbH world famous. Our experienced artisans produce Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus, sometimes painted and sometimes left in natural wood. In most cases these delicate figures are placed on a valuable pyramid. Collectors appreciate the figures as our signature and recognize our pyramids because of the typical Glaesser figures.

An extensive foundation of traditional Erzgebirge products was handed-down to us. You will find a wide variety of products available from Richard Glaesser GmbH. Smoking figures, music boxes, nutcrackers, arches, candle holders and much more is available for you in superior design and excellent quality.

Experience with wood working, influenced by the customs of miners and centuries-old knowledge about toy production are expressed in the work of our artisans. Continuing traditional techniques and protecting existing designs, coupled with passion and creativity, allow us to share our unique products and Erzgebirge holiday customs with you.

The company logo with the musical angel and the RG initials is meant to help you with your purchase and insure that your purchase is an original piece from the Erzgebirge.

A market-economy requires modern production facilities. Within the last years, we have moved our production to new and modern facilities without far-reaching effects for our employees.

After many years of extensive use, our main building had to be fundamentally repaired and renovated. The original production area was preserved and is now used as our demonstration workshop. Our large showroom displays the wide variety of products available from Richard Glaesser GmbH.

Approximately 80 employees in three production buildings are involved in the manufacture of our products.
Our production palette encompasses nearly 1000 items.

The products available from us are all handmade and stand for German craftsmanship. The ambition for handicraft perfection requires very complex production processes. The following two videos give you an impression about the production process of handmade german christmas decoration at our two supplier. Besides the fact that our products are extraordinary traditional and typical German products, the accuracy in manufacturing stands for strong durability. If you handle the products with care, you can enjoy them a lifetime. In this small video about the production of nutcrackers at the company Richard Glässer shows how much love and effort is invested in the production. In this small video about the production of nutcrackers at the company Richard Glässer shows how much love and effort is invested in the production.
The company Müller Kleinkunst is famous for its magnificent pyramids and candle arches. Characteristic for the products of Müller Kleinkunst is the variety of exotic woods. World famous is their ability to lathe. How the head of the company turns a tree by hand, you can see in this video.

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