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Candle Arch - Old Dresden - 40.6 inch

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With great attention to detail, this candle arch represents a piece of historical Dresden with some of the most beautiful buildings of outstanding architecture near the Augustusbrücke. In the center of the scenery is the Frauenkirche, the most imposing domed building of the German baroque period. Right next to the Frauenkirche is the Coselpalais, with 157 filigree milled windows and the original mansard roof with its balustrade. This building is flanked by a corner house, which impresses with its three-story bay window and balcony-like porch. To the left of it, house no. 1 was recreated, a bourgeois town house with 83 windows, 2 portals and four dormers. All three houses nestle in a slight arch against the Frauenkirche. The arch is rounded off by the Johanneum, today's Museum of Transport and former stable building, and the former home of the goldsmith Georg Christoph Dinglinger. The street around the Frauenkirche is illuminated by the interior lighting of the buildings and the small street lamps along the reconstructed Augustus Bridge in the foreground.
This is the most beautiful Christmas decoration which is lighted by 9 electric candle, so it gives a very cosy light. This unique piece of handcraft is manufactured by Müller Kleinkunst. 

Material: wood

Measurements and weight

  • height 55.0 cm/ 21.7 inch
  • width 103,0 cm/ 40,6 inch
  • depth 22.0 cm/ 8,7 inch
  • weight 9,6 kg/ 17,7 lbs

120 V (US-Standard) Type A plug








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Safety & Assembly Notes

Pyramids & Candle Arches
Prior to setting your electrical pyramid to operation, check the voltage you use is right. Make sure you operate your pyramid in dry rooms only, outside the packing. To replace a defective lamp, see to equal type and voltage/wattage. Disconnect the plug. The synchronous motor is attention-free. However, due to the highly sensitive transmission, some noise may be heard, which does not call for rectification Note: Exposure to sunlight may cause the high quality woods we have utilized to discolor, which is not a defect in our products but rather is evidence of the natural and living nature of the raw materials we use. Therefore carefully store each item in the original carton in which it came and place the carton where it will maintain consistent room temperature and humidity.

- Avoid contact with water. The electronics can catch fire when in contact with water.

- There is also a risk of electric shock. Danger to life.

- Avoid contact with fire and open flames.

- Make sure that the pyramid/candle arch stands securely and stable.


Since the use of incense smoker is a bit more complex, you can find more details here. When using the incense smoker, please make sure that the room is well ventilated and the incense candle is securely placed on the metal plate. Please make sure that the incense smoker is not placed in the immediate vicinity of flammable things.


Our nutcrackers are not toys. Please pay attention to small children: the paint is poisonous if you put the nutcracker in your mouth. You can injure yourself by the lever. The material is made of wood and highly inflammable. Please do not place the Nutcracker in the immediate vicinity of open fires or in hot places.

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Candle Arch - Old Dresden - 40.6 inch

Candle Arch - Old Dresden - 40.6 inch

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